Laser Hair Removal for Summer

If you haven’t started your laser hair removal program yet, now is the time to start.  Most people have an immediate reduction in hair growth for 4-6 weeks post laser hair removal treatment.  If you are headed to the lake for a few days and would like to shave less frequently, come in for your […]

The Acne and Facial Hair Link

Acne has affected almost everyone at least one point in their lifetime.  Preteens and teenagers of course seem to receive the worst of it.  But many people are plagued with it into adulthood.  Sometimes it goes away only to “resurface” again in women with they are going through “the change of life” – the permenopause.  […]

Introducing our New Laser Hair removal Club

Laser hair reduction is very effective.  But often times patients need maintenance treatments to maintain their reduction, or gradually, over time, have complete removal.  Usually these maintenance laser treatments are only needed once or twice a year.  We have decided to offer our patients an inexpensive maintenance program.  The club works like this.  A patient […]

Sunny Days are here Again

Spring is finally here.  Warmer, sunnier, longer days mean our skin gets more sun exposure.  We all know that sun protection is important for skin cancer prevention.  It is also important to help delay the signs of aging.  A good sunblock is important to shield your skin from the damaging effects of too much sun […]

Introducing – Pelleve!

Pelleve is a nonsurgical treatment that reduces wrinkles and tightens skin.  The results with this treatment are impressive.  Connect to to see some impressive before and after results.  The treatment uses radiofrequency to stimulate collagen deep in the skin to produce real results!  There is no down time and no pain.  The technology used […]

Get ready for summer

Its not too late to attain significant hair growth reduction for the summer.  Our new Elite laser hair removal system is the most effective laser hair removal system on the market.  You can see reduction in as little as 2 treatments.  Because the laser targets actively growing hairs most people experience a few weeks “break” […]

Saturday Appointments are now available.

We offer saturday openings 1-3 times per month.  The King Aesthetics staff recognizes that the weekdays can be filled with just “getting  by”.  It is hard to fit in taking care of yourself during the busy week.  Call, text or email to schedule your weekend escape today!

A little about Photofacials

Performed with an intense pulsating light that is applied in a series of gentle pulses over the skin. Photofacials are highly effective at reducing large pores, age spots, fine lines, broken capillaries and stimulating collagen production. The procedure has minimal downtime. A consultation is required prior to scheduling.