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King Aesthetics

Kimberly Larson, WHCNP, RN, MSN

Kim is a certified and skilled nurse practitioner who is involved in all aspects of women’s health care, from diagnosis to treatment. Kim enjoys staying current with the latest medical information and technology, and then sharing that knowledge with patients so they can make informed decisions. To nurture her interest in women’s health, Kim decided […]

Amy Cohee

Amy Cohee, BSN, RN

Since graduating from OHSU school of Nursing in 2003, Amy has immersed herself into a variety of patient care settings that includes Aesthetics, Post Anesthesia Care, and Emergency Nursing. As a wife and mother of three, Amy understands the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle. She is passionate about Health and Beauty, living a life […]

Tawnya Rose

Tawnya Rose, BSN, RN

Tawnya completed nursing school in San Diego in 2007. There, she worked in Home Heath and Multi-Specialty Clinics as a float nurse. In 2011, Southern Oregon’s greenery, small community feel, and wide open spaces called to her and her family. She keeps busy with 4 kids, a few farm animals, amateur gardening, and endless home […]