Look Like YOU…Only BETTER!

July Is Here & You Know What That Means…Wedding Season Is Upon Us! Whether you are the Bride, Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaid, or Guest…We all have the same idea in mind…Look like YOU…Only BETTER! For the month of JULY, purchase a Pelleve package & receive {3} Microdermabrasions for FREE! {$270 savings}…Share the LOVE…Purchase a Pelleve […]

Do You Suffer from Menorrhagia?

Novasure endometrial ablation is a procedure that treats menorrhagia.  Menorrhagia is defined as unusually heavy or proloned bleeding during the menstrual cycle.  It affects 1 in 5 women.  Many women struggle with this problem, but don’t seek treatment.  They may think it is “normal”, they may be embarrassed or they may simply be afraid of the what they think are the […]

Get Your Glow On With A Personalized Peel!

Enzyme/Acid Peels- A range of light, medium and deep epidermal peeling solutions are used to treat age & acne related skin conditions. An excellent way to prevent accumulation of damaged skin that causes the skin to look tired, dirty, and aged. Peels cause an evenly controlled release of damaged skin cells creating a fresh layer of […]

Décolleté… a beautiful French word meaning “wearing a low-neck dress”.

The neck & chest areas are often forgotten when caring for our skin, but they are very visible when wearing an outfit with a low neckline.  We are willing to pay an endless amount of money to keep our facial skin looking young, healthy, & vibrant…but did you know most of the treatments we do for your face can be […]

Find out what our clients are RAVING about…Dermaplaning!

Dermaplaning removes the outermost layers of dead skin cells, leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant. Dermaplaning the skin is a great way to get rid of 2 skin conditions at once:  dull skin and light facial hair.  The greatest benefits of dermaplaning are taking off the outer layer of dead skin cells, removing […]

The Sunscreen “Scoop”

Sunscreen should be a daily part of your skin care routine.  Protecting your skin from the sun helps prevent signs of aging and more importantly reduces your risk of skin cancer.  There are two type of sunscreen; one that blocks the sun chemically and one that does this physically.  Products that physically block are best.  Mineral […]

Share the Love

We would like to celebrate Valentine’s day during the entire month of February.  If you come in to receive a treatment with a friend or loved one, he or she will receive a free treatment of equal or lesser value.  This includes BOTOX, laser hair removal, pelleve, laser facials, IPL, laser vein treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical […]


BOTOX was approved in 2002 to treat wrinkles in between the eyebrows.  It is injected into the glabella muscles to temporarily paralyze them, thus reducing the wrinkles caused by repetitive motion.  Typically this repetitive motion is squinting or frowning.  BOTOX is temporary and typically wears off in 3-6 months.  It takese about 2-10 days after […]

Picture Perfect- Pelleve!

Would you like to reduce your wrinkles, smooth your skin, shrink your pores and just over all look refreshed, rested and rejuvenated?  Most people pick the holidays as family picture time.  This is usually a bad time for our skin.  The weather is changing which usually causes some sort of skin problem whether it is […]

Summer is only 8 months away

It seems strange to be thinking about next summer just as the holiday season is approaching.  But 8 is the magic number for laser hair removal.  If you would like to be rasor free for next summer, now is the time to act.  6-8 monthly treatments are required to attain this goal.  Imagine! no rasor […]