Our 4th Annual “Hairy Back” Contest WINNER is…

By November 4, 2014News


Emily was nominated by her sister. Here is her story:

The attached picture is of my beautiful sister Emily.  I would like to nominate her for your contest.  I can’t think of anyone in the world more deserving of this than her.  She is an amazing sister, a loving mom and a devoted wife.  Please help Emily live life beyond the beard.  This would change her life in such an incredible way just like it did for me.

The struggles of a woman with a beard are real and anyone who doesn’t have this problem, just doesn’t understand it.  I understand what she goes through all too well.  The hair is unrelenting and embarrassing.  At times it can crush your soul and break your heart.  Self esteem and self worth feel nonexistent.  Both of us started our beard journey as teenagers.  So you can imagine what it was like being a teenage girl with a beard.  Kids can be cruel and there were plenty of them that felt the need to let us know that we had a beard(like we didn’t know it was there.  Thanks for pointing it out.)  Over years of tweezing , waxing and shaving, a girl just gets tired.  Depression and anxiety are two feelings that a girl with a beard gets to feel.  There is always that feeling hanging over your head like a big dark hairy cloud.  Camping is usually out of the question.  It’s difficult and takes planning to do maintenance on a beard in the woods.  Swimming is done with a full face of make up just hoping that it will stay on long enough that nobody will see the dark shadow slowing creeping up on your chin throughout the day.  Yes, five o clock shadow is very real.

Emily deserve to feel the freedom of a naked face.  She deserves to feel how it feels to finally lift her face up to the sun for the whole world to see and feel proud about it.  No more hiding, no more being quiet because you don’t want to draw attention to yourself.  It’s time for this girl to know what it feels like to be confident and worry free about what’s on her face so she can fully show this world who she is.

Congratulations Emily! You will receive a complete laser hair removal package for your chin valued at $528.00!!!