Announcing our 3rd Annual Laser Hair Removal WINNER!

October 1, 2013 | King Aesthetics | Comments Off on Announcing our 3rd Annual Laser Hair Removal WINNER!

Every year we look forward to reading all of your stories, and every year it gets harder and harder to pick a winner! Whether you nominated yourself, or a loved one…it takes courage to share your story with us! Thank you.

This year’s WINNER of a complete Laser Hair Removal package is:


& here is her story:

First of all, thank you for sponsoring such a contest.  I’m sure it has brought encouragement to many people and happiness to you for being able to give such a gift.

 I would like to nominate my grand daughter Makena this year.  She is a lovely young girl, almost 16.  Always a fuzzy little baby and little girl, which as a doting grandma is adorable. But it has been an increasing annoyance to her to have such a hairy body.  She plucks her unibrown, waxes her mustache, shaves her legs, pits and bikini line and has the back of her neck waxed.  Her sweet little back she just keeps covered up.  It isn’t like she hides in the house because of it, but it does mess with her confidence.   Her family has a business on the river that requires shorts and or bathing suits. So you can understand how often our girl is disturbed by her teenage hairiness.  Is it unwise to promote hairless beauty?  Some might think that, but this is the way our society lives now.  Could she be a poster child for the laser hair removal business, hmmm….who wouldn’t want to look like that young lady. Have a great time choosing this years contest winner.  It is a wonderful thing that you do.  and…. Please consider Makena for the gift of laser hair removal. 

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