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October 2012

Put our de-puffing tricks to the test!

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Need a quick de-puffing of the eyes? Here are a few tricks of the trade you can try at home!

Caffeine- Now this is one that I have personally tried myself, on more than one occasion! Not only can drinking tea give you the energy you’re looking for, it can also give you the appearance of a re-energized look. After you’ve finished your cup of tea, place the cooled tea bags on each eye for 5 minutes. The caffeine temporarily tightens the skin around your eyes by drawing out excess water, & Voila! A five minute de-puffing!

Cucumber- I’m sure you’ve seen ads where a woman is getting a relaxing massage at a spa and is wearing cucumber slices on her eyes…OOH LA LA!  These are not just fancy massage goggles, wearing chilled cucumber slices on your eyes actually does help with the bags! Cucumbers are composed of 90% water which also helps moisturize the eye area. So cut up some cucumber slices, apply to your eyes & treat yourself to an imaginary spa day!

Don’t have any cucumbers stocked in the fridge & desperate to de-puff ASAP? Try this old trick…Frozen spoons- Place two spoons in your freezer for about 15 minutes. Lay back & relax with the spoons nestled on your eyes until they become warm again. The cold spoon helps to reduce swelling which gives the appearance of a less puffy eye!

Now that you have conquered our at home, “quick tricks” for unsightly eyes…we recommend PELLEVE for your lasting results! Pelleve is a skin-tightening system that uses radio waves to stimulate the production of new collagen in the skin, reducing facial wrinkles, tightening the skin, and creating a more youthful appearance. Not only do you see immediate results with Pelleve, results will continue to improve for 6 months…Imagine a facial treatment that does all this AND takes less than an hour. Schedule your lunch breaks at King Aesthetics & go back to work looking more radiant without anyone ever knowing you had something done! Firmer, tighter younger looking skin is just a lunch break away.

King Aesthetics client. Pre & Post 3 Pelleve Treatments.

Meet the WINNER of our 2nd Annual Laser Hair Removal Contest

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We are SO excited to help Laura become more comfortable in her skin. We understand the embarrassment and frustration excess hair can cause. We will be documenting Laura’s journey of becoming hair free & keeping everyone updated along the way. Here is the story that won her a Laser Hair Removal Package for her chin:

To Dr. King and Staff:

Attached are photos of my daughter Laura. She has had many challenges to face: being a single mother and having health issues. Some of these issues have led to a hormonal imbalance and she is now dealing with the aftermath.

Laura has very striking looks which means people look at her when she is out in public. Unfortunately, she has dark coarse hair on her chin and neck and knows that it shows. In short, it is a beard and she gets a 5 o’clock shadow. She has tried hiding it with scarves, and she has tried plucking, waxing, and painful electrolysis but has resigned herself to using a razor and shaving daily. During the warmer months, when wearing a scarf is too hot, she tries not to go out as much and hopes that people just won’t notice. She also has dark hair on her arms and her stomach. I have seen her reduced to tears because she is overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to maintain the growth, not to mention the hurt when strangers stare. She would like to be close to people but avoids hugs and close contact for fear that others will feel the nubs. She knows that her friends and family accept her but she would like the freedom of a social life where she doesn’t have to worry about this extra problem. My wish for her is that she can walk out her front door without giving a beard a second thought.

Runner Up for our 2nd Annual Laser Hair Removal Contest

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We were overwhelmed with so many deserving stories that we decided to pick a runner up. Alisha will receive a free Laser Hair Chin Treatment to help get her started on her journey of becoming hair-free!  Here is Alisha’s story:

Why laser hair removal is so important to me. I am a 31 year old woman and have been battling with unsightly chin hair for 5 years. At the start of this problem I went to the doctor to ask what could possibly be wrong, it isn’t natural for a woman to experience this issue. The doctor proceeded to tell me I produced too much testosterone and that nothing could be done to fix the problem. Being young and naïve I accepted this answer. I went 3 years and lots of money later waxing the problem area, on days I knew I had to be 100% presentable I would even shave it. Ladies, I do not recommend shaving problem areas, it will make it so much worse. Again I went to the doctor to be sure I couldn’t do anything to fix it. And yet again I was told no, that I would have to do what I had been doing since the beginning. And yet again I accepted the answer. My hope and self-esteem plummeted to the floor. It was hard for me to even look at people in fear they would see the stubble protruding from my chin. After 5 years of dealing with this, I decided to try Dr. Julie King out of Medford’s women clinic and ask her for advice. Not 5 minutes into our appointment Dr. King had a solution for me. She officially diagnosed me with PCOS which does include unwanted facial hair growth. She told me that laser hair removal and hormone therapy would take care of this issue and that my future didn’t have to have my chin hair in it. I now have hope that I can take care of the problem and regain my self-esteem. I know that life will be easier without the stress of waxing or shaving and I can finally look people in the eye knowing they will see me and not my chin hair. Thank you to Dr. King for giving me back my self-esteem and giving me hope for the future.

Announcing our October Special:

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Last Chance Laser Offer Until Next Fall!

Purchase a Laser Hair Removal Package {any area} & Get an Underarm Package for FREE! {$480 value}

Laser hair removal is an amazingly liberating experience! 4-8 laser treatments and hair is gone
{or significantly reduced} forever…
To attain freedom from hair via laser treatments, you typically need 4-8 treatments spaced every 4-6 weeks on NOT tan or sun exposed skin! Fall is the PERFECT time to start!
Start your Laser Treatments in the Fall & finish in time for next summer!
Imagine…a summer with NO shaving!
Call/text 541-292-6464 or Email to take advantage of this special…This will be the last Laser offer until next fall!