BOTOX was approved in 2002 to treat wrinkles in between the eyebrows.  It is injected into the glabella muscles to temporarily paralyze them, thus reducing the wrinkles caused by repetitive motion.  Typically this repetitive motion is squinting or frowning.  BOTOX is temporary and typically wears off in 3-6 months.  It takese about 2-10 days after a treatment to start working.  Most people are familiar with the cosmetic uses of BOTOX, but there are several FDA approved and “off label” noncosmetic uses for botox as well.  Botox is used for Strabismus (misaligned eyes), Blepharospasm (eyelid twitching), Cervical dystonia (neck smasma and pain) and Hyperehidrosis (excessive sweating).  One use of special interest to Dr King in her gynecology practice is for chronic pelvic pain.  There are new studies showing some benefit in women with chronic pelvic pain.  It will take time to obtain FDA approval for other uses and most likely even longer for insurance coverage.  BOTOX for cosmetic use, is available at King Aesthetics, Dr King is the one who performs the BOTOX to reduce wrinkles in between the brow, on the forhead and the crows feet.  Check out our facebook quiz for a chance to win a free botox treatment.