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November 2011

Picture Perfect- Pelleve!

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Would you like to reduce your wrinkles, smooth your skin, shrink your pores and just over all look refreshed, rested and rejuvenated?  Most people pick the holidays as family picture time.  This is usually a bad time for our skin.  The weather is changing which usually causes some sort of skin problem whether it is an outbreak, or flakiness or just dullness and dehydration.  We are usually getting less sleep which can cause dark circles or puffy eyes.  Our diet often deteriorates, this affects the skin as well as the waistline.  All of these factors can be mitigated by learning about how to better care for your skin.  One way to give your skin a treat this holiday season is PellevePelleve is a noninvasive skin treatment that uses radiofrequency energy (the best energy source on the market today for skin tightening) to smooth and tighten skin.  Pelleve is the solution to many common problems.  Crow’s feet? Extra eyelid skin? Dark circles under the eyes?  “Smoker’s lip/mouth”? Frown lines? Forehead lines? Jowls? Extra neck skin?  All of these and more are dramatically improved with Pelleve.  The treatment stimulates collagen to regenerate.  Pelleve is a great “pre-party” or “pre-picture” treatment.  Call or text 541-292-6464 or email us at contact@kingaesthetics for your complimentary consultation today.

Summer is only 8 months away

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It seems strange to be thinking about next summer just as the holiday season is approaching.  But 8 is the magic number for laser hair removal.  If you would like to be rasor free for next summer, now is the time to act.  6-8 monthly treatments are required to attain this goal.  Imagine! no rasor burn, no “oops I forgot to shave my bikini area”.  We are celebrating the upcoming holiday season as well as the “next summer season” next Friday night at 5 pm – November 18, 2011.  Come purchase a laser hair removal package, or any package and receive a $100 gift certificate.  Call or text 541-292-6464 for more information.  You can also email us at