Top Ten Free or Cheap Tricks for Young, Clear Skin

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Have you ever noticed that your skin changes with the seasons? This happens due to changing humidity in the air and switching products. For example, most people use more sunscreen in the summer. This can lead to more outbreaks. There are many other examples. But regardless of your specific issues, there are 10 basic, free and or cheap things you can do to help your skin be as healthy, young and clear as possible.
1. Sun protection– sunscreen, hats, avoidance of sun at peak times of day are all ways to reduce sun exposure. This is probably the best way to keep your skin looking fresh and young for as long as possible
2. Don’t smoke– this is actually the number one most important on the list, enough said!
3. Hydrate – drinking adequate water helps the body function more efficiently and helps your skin too
4. Hydrate (part 2) – use a moisturizer twice daily to keep your skin cells hydrated, full, plump and healthy. A lot of people think that moisturizer increases acne outbreaks. This can be true if you are using the wrong moisturizer. The fact is, if you cleanse your skin, this tends to be drying, if you over dry and don’t moisturizer you actually get increased oil production. Thus, more zits and pesky pimples.
5. Cleanse twice a day – your skin needs to be clean to decrease oil and dead skin skin build up that can lead to more outbreaks and/or dull, old looking skin.
6. Adequate sleep – I don’t think I need to comment on this one….

7. Good nutrition – besides helping your overall health and your waistline, getting the right nutrients supplies your skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy – i.e. younger, clearer.  Collagen is the substance in your skin that helps it stay tight and wrinkly free.  Free radicals in the environment bind up the collagen as we age, thus causing loose and wrinkled skin.  Antioxidants help free up the collagen so that it can work more effeciently.  Vitamin C is an example of a great antioxidant.

8. Minimize stress

9. Retin-A – this is a prescription topical medication that encourages new skin cell growth, it helps with acne and aging skin.

10. Noninvasive treatments – microdermabrasions, chemical peels and facials are all examples of great, inexpensive ways to maintain healthy beautiful looking skin.

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