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October 2011

Solutions for razor burn/folliculitis/skin irritation caused by waxing and shaving

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Shaving and waxing can help temporarily rid us of unwanted hair, but they can cause unwanted side effects.  Red bumps, skin irritation, itching….all arise from hair removal.  Red bumps can be caused by folliculitis which is inflammation of the hair follicle or ingrown hairs.  There are many sources for skin irritation, old razors, creams, chemicals in the wax or topical treament for hair removal etc.  Itchy skin is common especially as the hairs grow back.  Topical antibiotics such as neopsporin can help reduce folliculitis and ingrown hair irritation, by reducing the bacterial count on your skin.  Hydrocortisone cream or ointment can be helpful as well.  Both of these products are available over the counter.  Of course another excellent way to reduce these annoyances is permanent hair reduction/removal via laser hair removal treatments.  With the hair absent or permanently reduced, these bothersome problems are also resolved or significantly reduced.  Give us a call, text or email to find out if you are a candidate for laser hair removal.  541-292-6464 or

King Aesthetics Next Event – November 18

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We are hosting another event Friday, November 18 5-9 pm.  This will be our “Black Friday”.  We will be offering $100 gift certificate to anyone who purchases a package the night of the event.  If you are a patient of King Aesthetics and you bring a friend who is new to us, you will receive a $25 gift certificate.  There will be drawings for Colorescience products.  Dr King will be speaking about noninvasive cosmetic treatments.  As always we will have food and beverages.  Call or text 541-292-6464 or email for more information.

Top Ten Free or Cheap Tricks for Young, Clear Skin

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Have you ever noticed that your skin changes with the seasons? This happens due to changing humidity in the air and switching products. For example, most people use more sunscreen in the summer. This can lead to more outbreaks. There are many other examples. But regardless of your specific issues, there are 10 basic, free and or cheap things you can do to help your skin be as healthy, young and clear as possible.
1. Sun protection– sunscreen, hats, avoidance of sun at peak times of day are all ways to reduce sun exposure. This is probably the best way to keep your skin looking fresh and young for as long as possible
2. Don’t smoke– this is actually the number one most important on the list, enough said!
3. Hydrate – drinking adequate water helps the body function more efficiently and helps your skin too
4. Hydrate (part 2) – use a moisturizer twice daily to keep your skin cells hydrated, full, plump and healthy. A lot of people think that moisturizer increases acne outbreaks. This can be true if you are using the wrong moisturizer. The fact is, if you cleanse your skin, this tends to be drying, if you over dry and don’t moisturizer you actually get increased oil production. Thus, more zits and pesky pimples.
5. Cleanse twice a day – your skin needs to be clean to decrease oil and dead skin skin build up that can lead to more outbreaks and/or dull, old looking skin.
6. Adequate sleep – I don’t think I need to comment on this one….

7. Good nutrition – besides helping your overall health and your waistline, getting the right nutrients supplies your skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy – i.e. younger, clearer.  Collagen is the substance in your skin that helps it stay tight and wrinkly free.  Free radicals in the environment bind up the collagen as we age, thus causing loose and wrinkled skin.  Antioxidants help free up the collagen so that it can work more effeciently.  Vitamin C is an example of a great antioxidant.

8. Minimize stress

9. Retin-A – this is a prescription topical medication that encourages new skin cell growth, it helps with acne and aging skin.

10. Noninvasive treatments – microdermabrasions, chemical peels and facials are all examples of great, inexpensive ways to maintain healthy beautiful looking skin.

Hairy Back Contest!

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We are holding a hairy back contest for those of you or for those of you who know someone…that can’t stand the hair on their back.  Back hair can be embarrassing and bothersome.  Sometimes people avoid activities like swimming and exercising due to the back hair.  Some people spend a lot of money on waxing and shaving to avoid a hairy back.  We would like to hear your story, or see a picture of what bothers you.  The best/most deserving story and/or picture will win a laser hair removal package for the back.  Value $1800.  Please hurry, submissions are due October 7, 2011.  email to submit your entry.  If you have questions you may email or call/text 541-292-6464.