Month: October 2011

Solutions for razor burn/folliculitis/skin irritation caused by waxing and shaving

Shaving and waxing can help temporarily rid us of unwanted hair, but they can cause unwanted side effects.  Red bumps, skin irritation, itching….all arise from hair removal.  Red bumps can be caused by folliculitis which is inflammation of the hair follicle or ingrown hairs.  There are many sources for skin irritation, old razors, creams, chemicals in […]

King Aesthetics Next Event – November 18

We are hosting another event Friday, November 18 5-9 pm.  This will be our “Black Friday”.  We will be offering $100 gift certificate to anyone who purchases a package the night of the event.  If you are a patient of King Aesthetics and you bring a friend who is new to us, you will receive […]

Top Ten Free or Cheap Tricks for Young, Clear Skin

Have you ever noticed that your skin changes with the seasons? This happens due to changing humidity in the air and switching products. For example, most people use more sunscreen in the summer. This can lead to more outbreaks. There are many other examples. But regardless of your specific issues, there are 10 basic, free […]

Hairy Back Contest!

We are holding a hairy back contest for those of you or for those of you who know someone…that can’t stand the hair on their back.  Back hair can be embarrassing and bothersome.  Sometimes people avoid activities like swimming and exercising due to the back hair.  Some people spend a lot of money on waxing […]