Laser Hair Removal Club

September 14, 2011 | King Aesthetics | No Comments

We are very excited to introduce our new laser hair removal club.  If you have purchased and completed a laser hair removal package from King Aesthetics, you qualify to enter this club.  Laser hair removal can be very effective, in fact King aesthetics has the best option on the market today.  Laser hair removal is actually 85% of the time permanant Reduction.  This means that most people will need some sort of maintenance program to maintain their results.  Typically 1-3 treatments per year may be required.  Recognizing this need, we decided to offer $99 per year for unlimited laser treatments.  The unlimited laser hair treatments are for the area that was treated as a package purchased through King Aesthetics.  You can purchase this at any time.  Call or text 541-292-6464 or email for more information.

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