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Most people have a wedding to attend or are involved in at least one wedding during the summer.  Who doesn’t want to look their best for these events?  King aesthetics has numerous treatments and products to give your skin a youthful, clear, radiant appearance.  Botox at least 2 weeks before an event is recommended because it can take up to 10 days to take effect and occasionally people need touchups for their optimal result.  Micropeels are a combination or microdermabrasion and chemical peel to remove dead skin, open pores, reduce acne outbreaks and give the skin an overall glow.  Laser facials reduce brown spots and redness on the skin.  Our medical grade product line is affordable and easily tailored to an individuals skin care needs.  If you want to look smaller and more toned during the summer months Smartlipo might be the treatment for you.  We offer complimentary skin care and aesthetic consults.  We have extended our added bonus Smartlipo package to July 28, 2011.  If you book a Smartlipo procedure by that date you will receive one of the following, laser hair removal package chin/lip or under arms. Or a single skin tightening, wrinkle reduction Pelleve treatment.

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