The Acne and Facial Hair Link

June 9, 2011 | King Aesthetics | No Comments

Acne has affected almost everyone at least one point in their lifetime.  Preteens and teenagers of course seem to receive the worst of it.  But many people are plagued with it into adulthood.  Sometimes it goes away only to “resurface” again in women with they are going through “the change of life” – the permenopause.  Acne can also be troublesome to women with hormone conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  Facial hair can also be a problem for women.  Facial hair seems to increase as women age, but it can also be a problem for women with PCOS or of certain enthnicities.  Facial hair can also “just run in the family”.  Acne arises from the hair follicles in our skin.  The hair follicle produces oil which attracts bacteria on the skin and then causes an inflammatory reaction.  Reducing the number of hair follicles on the skin with treatments such as laser hair removal can actually reduce your acne outbreaks.  The bikini are can also be treated to reduce folliculitis (ingrown hairs).  To learn more about laser hair removal and/or acne treatment call or text 541-292-6464.

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