Introducing our New Laser Hair removal Club

June 6, 2011 | King Aesthetics | No Comments

Laser hair reduction is very effective.  But often times patients need maintenance treatments to maintain their reduction, or gradually, over time, have complete removal.  Usually these maintenance laser treatments are only needed once or twice a year.  We have decided to offer our patients an inexpensive maintenance program.  The club works like this.  A patient purchases a laser hair removal package for one or more body areas.  Once the treatment series is completed the patient will be offered a maintenance program.  This laser hair removal program will be valid for one year and entitle the patient to unlimited touch ups for that entire year.  The club only costs half the price of one single treatment for that body area. It is only valid for body areas for which a package was purchased.  If you have more questions about laser hair removal or our new program please call or Text 541-292-6464  or email

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