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June 2011


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Most people have a wedding to attend or are involved in at least one wedding during the summer.  Who doesn’t want to look their best for these events?  King aesthetics has numerous treatments and products to give your skin a youthful, clear, radiant appearance.  Botox at least 2 weeks before an event is recommended because it can take up to 10 days to take effect and occasionally people need touchups for their optimal result.  Micropeels are a combination or microdermabrasion and chemical peel to remove dead skin, open pores, reduce acne outbreaks and give the skin an overall glow.  Laser facials reduce brown spots and redness on the skin.  Our medical grade product line is affordable and easily tailored to an individuals skin care needs.  If you want to look smaller and more toned during the summer months Smartlipo might be the treatment for you.  We offer complimentary skin care and aesthetic consults.  We have extended our added bonus Smartlipo package to July 28, 2011.  If you book a Smartlipo procedure by that date you will receive one of the following, laser hair removal package chin/lip or under arms. Or a single skin tightening, wrinkle reduction Pelleve treatment.

Laser Hair Removal for Summer

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If you haven’t started your laser hair removal program yet, now is the time to start.  Most people have an immediate reduction in hair growth for 4-6 weeks post laser hair removal treatment.  If you are headed to the lake for a few days and would like to shave less frequently, come in for your laser hair removal treatment 2-4 days prior to your trip.  Take advantage of our Better Beauty Bonus discount.  Call or send us a text 541-292-6464

Better Beauty Bonus

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King aesthetics is proud to announce our new loyal client discount.  The Better Beauty Bonus offers individual treatments at the package price.  Here is how it works.  Every patient who comes in monthly will qualify.  If you come in for 3 months in a row you pay regular price for your first 2 treatments.  The 3rd treatment will be discounted – you will receive it at the package price (this is usually 15-20% off) -If you come in monthly you will continue to receive the package price on your treatments – mix and match -laser hair removal, laser facials, pelleve – skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, laser vein treatments, micropeels and Botox.  Smartlipo and waxing not included.   We will offer botox at 10/unit instead of $13/unit.  We want to thank our loyal customers for their continued support!  Call or text 541-292-6464  email

The Acne and Facial Hair Link

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Acne has affected almost everyone at least one point in their lifetime.  Preteens and teenagers of course seem to receive the worst of it.  But many people are plagued with it into adulthood.  Sometimes it goes away only to “resurface” again in women with they are going through “the change of life” – the permenopause.  Acne can also be troublesome to women with hormone conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  Facial hair can also be a problem for women.  Facial hair seems to increase as women age, but it can also be a problem for women with PCOS or of certain enthnicities.  Facial hair can also “just run in the family”.  Acne arises from the hair follicles in our skin.  The hair follicle produces oil which attracts bacteria on the skin and then causes an inflammatory reaction.  Reducing the number of hair follicles on the skin with treatments such as laser hair removal can actually reduce your acne outbreaks.  The bikini are can also be treated to reduce folliculitis (ingrown hairs).  To learn more about laser hair removal and/or acne treatment call or text 541-292-6464.

Introducing our New Laser Hair removal Club

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Laser hair reduction is very effective.  But often times patients need maintenance treatments to maintain their reduction, or gradually, over time, have complete removal.  Usually these maintenance laser treatments are only needed once or twice a year.  We have decided to offer our patients an inexpensive maintenance program.  The club works like this.  A patient purchases a laser hair removal package for one or more body areas.  Once the treatment series is completed the patient will be offered a maintenance program.  This laser hair removal program will be valid for one year and entitle the patient to unlimited touch ups for that entire year.  The club only costs half the price of one single treatment for that body area. It is only valid for body areas for which a package was purchased.  If you have more questions about laser hair removal or our new program please call or Text 541-292-6464  or email

Summer Smartlipo Special

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Are you looking forward to summer but not your swimsuit? Smartlipo may be for you. Smartlipo is a laser assisted liposuction procedure that is a step above traditional liposuction. The laser melts fat and stimulates collagen. This results in a smoother result than traditional lipo. It causes 40-65% improved skin tightening compared to traditional liposuction. We are very excited to offer an amazing procedure package. Book one Smartlipo procedure valued at $5,500 or more and receive ONE of the following for free. Chin/lip laser hair removal package (value $672) or underarm laser hair removal package (value $480) or one Pelleve treatment of the face (value $500). Pelleve is a noninvasive skin treatment that reduces wrinkles and tightens skin. Call or text to book your complimentary Smartlipo consultation. 541-292-6464