Month: April 2011

Introducing – Pelleve!

Pelleve is a nonsurgical treatment that reduces wrinkles and tightens skin.  The results with this treatment are impressive.  Connect to to see some impressive before and after results.  The treatment uses radiofrequency to stimulate collagen deep in the skin to produce real results!  There is no down time and no pain.  The technology used […]

New Minimally Invasive Procedures for Women

There are many new advances in women’s medical care every year.  The most exciting options are those that provide a significant improvement in quality of life, while at the same time minimizing risk and “down time”.  Of these new technologies, the following three are the most exciting and now available at King Aesthetics.  There is […]

Smartlipo for your summer body!

Smartlipo is a new and amazingly effective way to improve your body shape.  Smartlipo is laser assisted liposuction that melts fat, tightens and smoothes skin.  You enjoy excellent results with less down time and bruising than with traditional liposuction.  Many women think they need a tummy tuck to adequately tighten the skin of their lower abdomens.  […]