Get ready for summer

March 31, 2011 | King Aesthetics | Comments Off on Get ready for summer

Its not too late to attain significant hair growth reduction for the summer.  Our new Elite laser hair removal system is the most effective laser hair removal system on the market.  You can see reduction in as little as 2 treatments.  Because the laser targets actively growing hairs most people experience a few weeks “break” from rapidly growing hairs.  If you shave every day, you may experience the need to shave less often or not at all for a few weeks after your first 1-3 treatments.  What a great thing for the coming summer months!  Although most people see some changes right away,  permanent removal/reduction usually requires 6-8 treatments.  Call or text 541-292-6464 to schedule your first treatment today.  This friday April 1st, we are offering 40% off any NEW TO YOU treatment!

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